Bandera Grassland Grass Fed Texas Bred
sheepSides of pastured lamb are offered seasonally.  We have sides available now, cut into portions, packaged and frozen.  Most sides are 20 lbs. or lighter.  A few are cut with whole Frenched racks.  Most are cut with chops.


The price for lamb is $9.50 per pound. They are humanely slaughtered at Mercantile Meat Co. in Utopia, TX, inspected and labeled for sale in Texas. Click here to view a sample cut sheet.

The sheep were not fed grain of any kind or other high starch rations that would adversely affect the Omega 3 and CLA levels of the meat.  They were not confined to a feedlot or given antibiotics or artificial hormones.

The lambs were finished along side our beef steers on our highest quality pasture, supplemented with alfalfa hay, salt and mineral. This program embraces the following fundamental

  • Pasture based production system where       animals are born and raised on open pasture with no confinement at any stage of production including finishing.
  • Holistic approach to ranch/farm management.
  • Forage based diet.
  • Responsible animal care that supports humane animal welfare, handling, transport and                                                                                                        harvest of pasture raised lambs.


    lamb diagram

    "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." __Thomas Campbell

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