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happy pigWe periodically offer for sale free-range pork from feral hogs.  Send an email to check for availability or be added to our email list to be informed when animals go for processing. These animals are born in the wild and forage the range.  When they reach approximately 75 pounds we load them into our livestock trailer and take them to the same processor that prepares our beef, where they are humanely slaughtered and inspected for meat sales.  The larger animals are cut into portions and sold as sides.  Smaller animals are sold as whole sides for barbecue.

Feral hogs are leaner than domestic swine.  They do not possess enough belly fat to make bacon.  Our processor does not have a smokehouse, or large storage facility for curing meats, so we only offer fresh frozen cuts. The chops are small, about the size of a lamb chop. The hocks are small and used for flavoring beans and soups.  The usual yield from a hog is 2-3 pounds ground pork, one Boston butt/shoulder roast, one fresh ham/rump roast, one loin cut into 3-4 packages of chops, one package of small ribs, and two small hocks.  Average weight of product from a side is 20 pounds.  The price is $7.00 per pound.

Click here to see what a side of pork looks like. The photo is of an 18 pound side cut to portions, with each cut enlarged. Note, this meat is very lean, so care should be given not to over-cook the chops or cook on high heat. Roasts and ribs frequently require longer braising time than grain-fed domestic pork. Add liquid if smoking to help the meat to not dry out and maintain a low temperature around 225°F for six to twelve hours.

Pastured Pork label and diagram

"Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower; we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind" __William Wordsworth

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