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Beef That Is As Pure Now As It Was Back Then.

Great Tasting Beef Regeneratively Produceced By Humane Methods That Are Good For The Planet And Animals

The breed of cattle known as Texas Longhorn evolved from feral Spanish cattle brought to the New World by explorerís and missionaries and left to roam freely, unencumbered by man for four hundred years in the wilds of Mexico and the southwestern United States to become Americaís original breed.

The fittest survived creating a species naturally adapted to our native rangelands, efficient in conversion of available native forage to energy, producing lean muscle with little waste in fat. Like many heritage breeds of livestock, the Texas Longhorn is endangered because it does not respond profitably to large-scale, industrial farming.

The meat from Texas Longhorn cattle tests lower in cholesterol and higher in protein than commodity beef and the robust flavor echoes their wild heritage.

We at Bandera Grassland are staunch advocates for the preservation of Texas Longhorn cattle in their genetically pure, historically correct state. Our company was developed in 2003 to create an economic market for this majestic breed in efforts to preserve it for coming generations.

These adaptable cattle have taught us to be better stewards of our land and advocates for regenerative agriculture; a holistic approach that rewards first the soil, then native plant life, varieties of domestic and wild animal species, and ultimately the production of wholesome, uncompromised food.

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American Grassfed Association
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